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Microsoft Film Crew Visits MediaValet's Offices

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by the Mediavalet Team

A couple of months ago, Microsoft approached us and asked if they could showcase MediaValet at their annual developers conference, Build 2012, at the end of October. We thought about it - for about a second - and said "heck yes!"

...Well, we had no idea what we had agreed to.

Microsoft Video Crew

On Wednesday, October 10th, we all arrived at our office and were confronted by a huge lighting truck parked right in front of our main entrance. None of us thought this could be for the film crew as we just couldn't comprehend what was involved in creating what was supposed to be a 4 minute video. We had thought they would be in and out of our office in a couple of hours – max.

The film crew arrived at 8 AM that morning and within an hour we had so much lighting and video equipment in our office that we could barely move. And this was just the beginning. The first shot they set up was an interview with our CEO, David MacLaren, in his office. The poor guy was interviewed for two and a half hours. It looked like he had a lot of fun but TWO AND A HALF HOURS! That's a lot of time to be constantly talking. David covered things like our history, how we were first created as a tool for VRX Studios to manage over 20 terabytes of imagery for it's thousands of hotel customers, to becoming a standalone digital asset management service for companies of all sizes, in all industries, all over the world; why we chose Microsoft's Windows Azure platform-as-a-service (PaaS) cloud platform over Amazon and Google's infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) cloud offerings; and why we do what we do. Next up was our CTO, Jean Lozano. Over the next hour and half, Jean discussed specific challenges we faced developing on Azure and how we overcame them.

Microsoft Video David

Once the interviews were done, it was our turn. The film crew set up and shot several action sequences around our offices showing the type of things we do everyday. From programming, to working with digital assets, to customer service and training. It was quite fun to be in front of the camera showing off what we do. The film crew finally left at just before 6 PM. Whew! What a day. And all for 4 minutes of video. We can't wait to see it at Build.

Here are a couple more shots from the day of filming.

Microsoft Video Interview

Microsoft Video Production

MediaValet's CTO Interviewed by Channel 9: Lessons Learned Building a Digital Asset Management System in the Cloud

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In this interview, MediaValet's CTO, Jean Lozano, discusses various development strategies that he and his team learned while ramping up development on Windows Azure. You'll hear about the lessons they learned from various cloud-related challenges faced during development and from an application support/maintenance perspective. This presentation will focus on insights acquired from architecting, building and maintaining a business application on Windows Azure over the last two years, using examples from MediaValet, a multi-tenant digital asset management system that was designed and developed from the ground up on Windows Azure.

Microsoft Cloud Helps Content Services Company Achieve Scalability

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by CopperEgg

CopperEgg LogoCopperEgg wrote an article about how Windows Azure is enabling companies like MediaValet to improve their operations and achieve greater cloud scalability. Here is the first bit of the article:

Microsoft has continued to offer its cloud computing solutions to help companies of all types to improve their operations. The vendor recently announced that VRX Studios, a global content services and photography business – which is now operating under MediaValet – has adopted the Windows Azure platform to replace its digital management system to achieve greater cloud scalability.

By providing MediaValet with the new cloud solution, Microsoft also said it is the first vendor to establish a digital asset management system that is 100 percent cloud-based.

"Windows Azure enabled us to harness more than a decade of experience in producing, managing, distributing and licensing digital media to build an enterprise-class digital asset management system – in less than 12 months – that can compete with the best and biggest in the digital asset management industry," said VRX founder and CEO David MacLaren.

MacLaren also said that launching an asset management solution before the availability of an option like Windows Azure would have been difficult for a variety of reasons. He said large budgets and a "massive" IT team would have been needed to support this system.

To read the rest of the article, please click here.

Vancouver's VRX Studios Leverages the Cloud to Rebuild Business and Expand

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by the Mediavalet Team

Tech Vibes
Posted by Techvibes Newsdesk, March 6, 2012

Earlier today, we reported that the cloud will help create 70,000 new jobs across Canada over the next three years. Vancouver will be a leader in this growth, boasting 6,000 new cloud-related jobs by 2015.

MediaValet Cloud Banner

One local success story courtesy of the cloud is VRX Studios, a full-service photography and content management company specializing in the hotel space. For a decade, VRX's home-grown digital asset management system served it well—but eventually, it could no longer support the expanding company's growth.

VRX was in a pickle. It needed a highly scalable, enterprise-class solution to meet the needs of 10,000 hotel customers worldwide and a whopping 20 terabytes of data. Enter the cloud.

we’ve branded it MediaValet and now offer the solution as a stand-alone SaaS product, providing cloud-based digital asset management services to companies of all sizes, industries and locations. Due to the demand that we’re seeing for this new product, we expect MediaValet to surpass the success of VRX Studios within the next few years.”

“Taking advantage of Windows Azure's global infrastructure, scalability and flexibility, David and his team have focused all their efforts on developing a first-class Cloud application,” Kim Akers, general manager for global ISV partners at Microsoft, said last year. “MediaValet has truly embraced all that Windows Azure offers to help them deliver a Cloud-based digital asset management system that has enormous potential for customers in a wide range of industries.”

To view the full article on Techvibes, please click here.

VRX Studios's Cloud Story Referenced in Article

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by the Mediavalet Team

Microsoft's Release yesterday is generating a lot of buzz. Here's a great article by Russ Martin at that focuses on the pervasiveness of the cloud.
Cloud computing to create 70,000 jobs in Canada
By Russ Martin, March 7, 2012

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing–the use of external systems to host data and even run software–may be at its tipping point: A recent study commissioned by Microsoft has revealed that cloud computing may create as many as 70,000 jobs across Canada.

Companies like Amazon and Microsoft have long been using the cloud to host their services but now industries outside of IT, including small businesses, are moving to the cloud.

According to John Weigelt, National Ttechnology Officer at Microsoft Canada, many of the 70,000 jobs will be in marketing, admin and other non-tech related fields; even plumbing or carpentry.

Cloud computing is expected to create as many 14,500 jobs by 2015 in Toronto and an additional 6,000 in Vancouver. But the impact will go far beyond the major cities, Weigelt said.

“Cloud has an impact across Canada. Often we think of pockets of innovation in the country, be they Vancouver or Toronto, but it’s interesting to note that the cloud has a positive economic impact across the Canadian economy,” he says.

As businesses spend less money on locally hosted and updated computing systems, they will have increased budgets to hire additional staff and focus on their businesses’ core offerings, Weigelt adds.

Suresh Bhat has seen the impact of cloud computing first hand. As an associate at Extreme Venture Partners, Bhat works with startups that are looking for their big break.

“Cloud has changed the way we make our investment decisions,” Bhat says. “We don’t have to invest as early in companies who just have ideas and don’t have a product. They can build stuff themselves using the cloud.”

The shift from heritage systems to cloud computing has had a big impact on the startup scene. “The cloud paradigm has really shifted the way things are. Five or 10 years ago, people weren’t depending on the cloud as much, maybe for liability issues, but now I think the cloud has become quite predominant now in the startup scene,” he said.

David MacLaren, President and CEO of VRX studios in Vancouver, is another proponent of the cloud. His company has been using cloud technology for two years.

“What it allows us to do is focus, 100 per cent of our time, resources and brain power on building the best application that we can,” MacLaren said.

He said many of VRX’s clients and partners are starting to gain interest in the cloud, too. “I think within the next couple of years the cloud will be pervasive within the majority of companies,” he said. “Each of the companies that we’re talking to is now starting to talk about the cloud.”

At what point will cloud computing become the standard for businesses? John Weigelt is hesitant to make a guess but eventually said he thinks the cloud may be pervasive before the end of the year.

“It’s always a risky thing to make that point in time prediction,” he says, “2011 in my mind was the year of demystifying the cloud. In 2011 people really got their head around what the cloud could do for their businesses.”

David MacLaren won’t pin down a date, either, but he knows that it is close. “It’s coming. I don’t think it’s here yet for general consumers, but it’s coming very quickly,” he said.

To view the full article on, please click here.

Photo Studio Turns Data Issue Into Cloud Gold

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by the Mediavalet Team

Channel Insider
Photo studio turns data issue into cloud gold
By Christopher Rogers, March 5, 2012

MediaValet Screencap

Two years ago VRX Studios had a big problem. A global photography company, the firm was trying to manage a rapidly growing media library that at the time had just surpassed 20TBs. The digital asset management system it was employing could no longer handle the scale or growth of the company’s data.

Understand, in 2009 VRX was engaged in content production, management, distribution and licensing for roughly 8,000 hotels. These assets were not limited to photos of hotels, but also included hospitality and travel-related videos, slideshows, virtual tours, and interactive maps.

The Vancouver-based company used a custom-built asset management system and had grown as new clients came on board. As a result the architecture of the system was becoming too complex to support. The system was collocated in Houston, Tex., which complicated frequently-needed server and storage additions.

Having physical servers was difficult because of fluctuating storage and processing requirements.

David MacLaren, president and CEO of VRX Studios, said he needed a system that could handle the amount of data and users, and grow with the company.

“We also needed a system that could be easily accessed by our customers throughout North America, Europe and Asia,” he said.

The fact that the servers were hosted in Houston was a problem. It worked well for the company’s North American customers, but not for those overseas.

The terms were set. VRX needed a cost-effective, globally accessible digital asset management system able to handle large amounts of data, file types and users.

A cloud-based solution seemed like a natural fit, but MacLaren lamented that when the company went looking there was no product that fulfilled the firm’s unique needs. He described two options, both of which would require collocating to at least one data centre on each continent:

1: purchase a system that had all of the required features;
2: purchase a system that didn’t have all the features and customize it.


As neither optioned worked for VRX, MacLaren and his team turned to the cloud. While there weren’t many cloud platforms that would meet VRX’s needs, there was one that did.

In 2009 Microsoft was coming out of beta with Windows Azure, a platform as a service offering that could provide the basis for what MacLaren and his team at VRX needed.

The Azure platform would also allow the solution to be globally accessible at launch. That revelation prompted a massive shift in VRX’s approach to the tool.

The solution went from a tool built specifically to meet a single pain point to a product that would solve more than one issue.

The tool was custom-built on Azure and within a few months it was offered to VRX’s hotel customers so they could access the content that VRX created for them. VRX referred to it as its “Digital Asset Management Service.” MacLaren said the reaction from the customers was significant and many asked if they could use the tool to manage non-VRX assets they owned.

Expanding Horizons

MacLaren now had a custom cloud digital asset management product used by thousands of hotels. VRX called it “MediaValet,” but the system seemed a good fit for other industries as well.

“We did a little bit of online advertising, just to see if there was a market outside of the hospitality and travel industries and we were overwhelmed by demand,” he said.

MediaValet has since become its own standalone brand, to make it more accessible to new clients who wouldn’t be familiar with the VRX brand.

MediaValet now has clients in industries from manufacturing to real estate, construction to advertising. MacLaren, who now heads both VRX and MediaValet, attributes much of this cross-industry, cross-continent success to the Azure platform.

“I think Azure is going to do this for a lot of companies,” he said. The platform makes it easy to build the required tools and make them available cost effectively – keys for startups, MacLaren said.

“Platform-as-a-service cloud offerings are going to enable companies of various sizes, across industries, to reduce their IT costs, improve their productivity, and uncover new product and service offerings,” he said.

To view the full article on Channel Insider, please click here.

Moving to the Cloud Creates Jobs at VRX Studios

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by the Mediavalet Team

This article was written by Nelson Bennett of Business in Vancouver in response to Microsoft's Release yesterday regarding IDC's recent study on the rapid growth of the Cloud and it's affect on new job creation around the world.

Business Today
Moving to the Cloud Creates Jobs: VRX Studios
By Nelson Bennett, March 7, 2012

David MacLaren Moving to the cloud could foster 6,000 jobs in Vancouver over the next three years, according to a study commissioned by Microsoft Corp. (Nasdaq:MSFT).

Microsoft, which uses its massive data centres to provide cloud computing, commissioned IDC to study the job creation power of cloud migration.

The IDC study concluded cloud computing could create 14 million jobs worldwide over the next three years, 70,000 Canada-wide and 6,000 in Vancouver – a claim dismissed by as “drivel.”

Earlier this year, at its annual technology, media and telecommunications (TMT) predictions, Deloitte said cloud migration is happening slower than the hype would suggest.

But David MacLaren, founder and CEO of Vancouver-headquartered VRX Studios Inc., has become an evangelist for cloud computing, which he said does create new job opportunities.

That may seem counterintuitive, since significant numbers of IT staff become obsolete when much of a company’s server needs are outsourced. But in VRX’s case, the move spawned a whole new business division: MediaValet.

VRX Studios produces, distributes and manages about four million photographs of 8,000 hotels around the world. This requires a lot of data storage (20 terabytes), which the company previously managed in-house. But when the company decided it needed a new data centre, it opted for Microsoft’s Windows Azure platform instead.

The cloud option was 50% cheaper than staying in-house, MacLaren said. And as a consequence of the move, the company also decided to build a new digital asset management system – MediaValet – which turned into a new business division serving VRX Studios’ hotel clients, as well as other companies needing a digital asset management system to handle large volumes images and documents.

“The cloud not only enabled us to save money, it also opened up an entirely new opportunity for us that we hadn’t ever considered, and that was building our own digital asset system on the cloud,” MacLaren said.

MediaValet has created 15 new jobs, said MacLaren, who expects to see another 10 added by the end of the year.

To view the full article on Business Interactive, please click here.

MediaValet Quoted on Front Page of Vancouver Sun's Business Section

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by the Mediavalet Team

In response to Microsoft's Release yesterday that extolled the virtues of the Cloud and how it's driving job growth around the world, Scott Simpson wrote the following story that appeared on the front page of the business section of The Vancouver Sun today.

Vancouver Sun

Cloud Computing will Touch Off Global Job Boom
By Scott Simpson, March 6, 2012

Metro Vancouver is expected to gain 6,000 jobs by 2015 as part of a global trend toward adoption of cloud-based computing technology.

Research undertaken for Microsoft by International Data Corporation indicates that the cloud will support creation of 14 million jobs worldwide, including 70,000 in Canada within three years.

Cloud Computing Job Boom

IDC foresees 20 per cent annual job growth related to cloud services through 2015 in Vancouver. The technology consulting firm determined that at least 75 per cent of information technology (IT) spending is consumed by maintenance of cash-eating legacy computing systems and “routine upgrades.”

IDC says businesses will shift from in-house systems to off-site, third-party systems to process, manage and store data – redirecting money to business growth and innovation. Transitioning out of IT could free up $1.1 trillion globally by 2015.

IDC reported worldwide spending of $28 billion on cloud services in 2011. Businesses using the cloud generated an additional $400 billion in revenue and 1.5 million new jobs. Half those jobs were created by small and medium sized companies.

This year alone, IDC projects cloud-based job gains of 6.7 million, led by communications and media, banking, and manufacturing.

IDC projects that by 2015 in Vancouver, small and medium sized businesses will add at least 2,900 new jobs as a result of cloud technology, Large-scale companies will add more than 3,000 new workers.

John Weigelt, national technology officer for Microsoft Canada, said in Vancouver that it’s a philosophical shift — and a financial one — as opposed to a technology issue.

The cost to start a company focusing on applications for smartphones and tablets ranges around $25,000, as opposed to $25 million or more a decade ago because there’s no need to invest heavily in computer servers or other infrastructure. Cloud systems like Microsoft’s Azure offer state of the art computing power through the Internet at a fraction of the cost of an internal system.

“People starting businesses have these bright ideas and when they’re seeking funding, the people providing the funding are looking to fund those ideas. They don’t want to fund infrastructure, they don’t want to fund equipment and hardware,” Weigelt said.

“By making use of computing resources on demand, you can put the money into the bright idea. In the mobile apps environment you don’t have to build a server farm. You don’t have to wait for equipment to come in. You don’t have to wait for software to be provisioned. You can plug into the web and make use of what you require, on demand.”

David MacLaren, chief executive officer of MediaValet, said the Vancouver company uses Azure to support its business providing digital storage services — such as photographs and videos — to the global hospitality and travel industries.

If MediaValet was strictly serving the local market, MacLaren said, an in-house computing system would only account for 10-15 per cent of total start-up costs for a new business.

However, with more than 10,000 hotels, cruise ships and tourism bureaus around the world as clients, the company’s requirement for digital archives is vast — 30 terrabyes by 2010 — and start-up costs for a global computing network would be three to five times greater than the set-up cost for a local system.

“It's pretty cost-prohibitive for a company to launch something regionally or globally because of the infrastructure cost required up front, almost before you write a stitch of code,” MacLaren said.

To read the full article on the Vancouver Sun website, please click here.

MediaValet Quoted in Microsoft Release

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by the Mediavalet Team

Canada Newswire

Cloud powers innovation, spurs sky high job growth in Canada and across the globe
By Canada Newswire Group, March 6, 2012


To view the full infographic, please click on the image above.

New IDC study says cloud will deliver almost 6,000 new Vancouver jobs by 2015; 70,000 in Canada

VANCOUVER, March 6, 2012 /CNW/ - Cloud technology is expected to create millions of new jobs around the world and will be an important force in inspiring the business innovation needed to restore global economic health, according to a new IDC study released today. The study, commissioned by Microsoft, found that by the end of 2015, nearly 14 million new jobs will be created worldwide, and just over 70,000 across Canada.

In Vancouver, new jobs related to the cloud will increase an average of 20 per cent annually, resulting in almost 6,000 by 2015.

The cloud is a web-based way to process, manage and store data - an IT solution so cost-effective that businesses of all sizes are moving away from the expensive maintenance of legacy systems, and instead opting to build on top of the cloud's common infrastructure. By using the cloud's global scalability, businesses can, in turn, invest those savings directly into business innovation.

IDC reports that worldwide, at least 75 per cent of IT spending is currently tied up with the maintenance of legacy systems and routine upgrades.

"By harnessing the power of the cloud, businesses benefit from reduced fees and equipment costs, and in turn free up IT staff to turn their focus to more mission-critical and strategic tasks," says John Weigelt, National Technology Officer, Microsoft Canada. "But we often overlook one of the cloud's most compelling benefits: by empowering business innovation and increasing revenues, using cloud technology can lead to job creation across all sectors, and in turn, drive Canada's economy forward."

The IDC also reveals several other interesting cloud facts:

  • In 2011, more than $28 billion was spent on cloud services worldwide.
  • In 2011, the cloud helped businesses around the world generate more than $400 billion in additional revenues and 1.5 million new jobs. More than 50 per cent of those jobs accrued to small and medium businesses.
  • By 2015 in Vancouver, businesses with less than 500 staff (SMEs) will see an increase of more than 2,900 new jobs, while larger enterprise companies will increase by more than 3,000 jobs.
"At Microsoft, we're challenging businesses to really see the path that the cloud offers: increased flexibility and technology cost savings, allowing for greater productivity, more innovation, and as eventually, business growth," says Weigelt. "Businesses across the globe are realizing that if they act now, they will reap big benefits both today and into the future."

Vancouver-based VRX Studios has been reaping the benefits of the cloud. After ten years of faithfully serving the company, VRX Studios' home grown digital asset management system wasn't able to support the company's size, scale and growth rate. Realizing its dilemma, VRX Studios needed to quickly find a new, highly scalable, enterprise-class digital asset management system that could meet the global needs of its business. With over 10,000 hotel customers around the world and more than 20 terabytes of data, the benefits the cloud offered were too good to ignore.

"We knew we needed to build a system that was 100 per cent cloud-based in order to eliminate the enormous capital expenses that would be required to launch a global solution and to reduce operating costs to a small fraction of what an on-premises or collocated system would," says David MacLaren, President and CEO, VRX Studios. "Using Microsoft's Windows Azure platform, we developed the first 100 per cent cloud-based digital asset management system to improve our content production, licensing and distribution business. Since building the core system, we've branded it MediaValet and now offer the solution as a stand-alone SaaS product, providing cloud-based digital asset management services to companies of all sizes, industries and locations. Due to the demand that we're seeing for this new product, we expect MediaValet to surpass the success of VRX Studios within the next few years."

Microsoft offers a variety of cloud computing solutions worldwide, ranging from platform and infrastructure offerings (Windows Azure, Windows Server), productivity offerings (Office 365) and private cloud solutions (Windows Server, System Center) to consumer-focused offerings (Xbox Live, Hotmail).

For more information on Microsoft's cloud services, please visit

To view the full article on Canada Newswire Group, please click here.

MediaValet Tells it's Story at Azure Summit

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by the Mediavalet Team

Windows Azure Partner SummitOur illustrious founder and CEO was on hand at Microsoft's 2012 Windows Azure Partner Summit in Redmond, WA last week to tell our Azure story. David regaled the audience of global ISV CTOs and CIOs with the ups and downs we've experienced developing MediaValet from a tool - to address our parent company's (VRX Studios') digital asset management woes back in late 2009 - to the fully independent, global SaaS offering that MediaValet is today.

On hand to tell their Windows Azure stories as well were Rob Minaglia, the VP of Strategic Alliances at CA Technologies; Art Haddad, the Lead Architect at Esri; Van Beach, Product Manager for Milliman; Ted Pendleton, Sr. VP, Numerix; and, Chris Ford, RenderMan Business Director, Pixar Animation Studios.

There were numerous senior Microsoft people who presented at the two day event as well, including: Kim Akers, General Manager, ISV Partners, Developer & Platform Evangelism; Tim O'Brien, General Manger, Platform Strategy; Scott Guthrie, Corporate Vice President, Azure Application Platform; Dr. Dileep Bhandarkar, Distinguished Engineer, Foundation Services; Steven Martin, General Manager, Windows Azure Business Strategy; Bob Kelly, Corporate Vice President, Windows Azure Marketing; and, Kevin McCarthy, Chief Financial Officer, Xbox.

In our minds, the best quote of the event was Bob Kelly's: "Microsoft wants to run the world's Apps". We heard this repeatedly throughout Bob's presentation and it's the first time we've heard it put this way. This is very good us as it means Microsoft will continue to invest in the Azure platform, making it better and better for applications such as MediaValet. If the past year is any indication of what's to come, we can only assume that the platform and the tools that support it are going to improve exponentially throughout 2012.

Thank you Microsoft, we're "all in" as well.

The MediaValet Team.

Microsoft Publishes New Case Study on MediaValet

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by the Mediavalet Team

Microsoft Case StudyOur friends at Microsoft graciously published a new business case on MediaValet this week extolling our virtues and regaling readers on how we leveraged Windows Azure to not only build a tool to help our sister company, VRX Studios, reduce costs and increase productivity but also to transform that tool into a entirely separate business that now delivers digital asset management services, under a SaaS model, to companies of all sizes and industries all over the world. Thanks Microsoft, we really appreciate it!

To read the case study, please click here.

MediaValet Wins Coveted Microsoft "Partner of the Year Award"!

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by the Mediavalet Team

Our CEO and CTO, David MacLaren and Jean Lozano, were on hand at the IMPACT Awards Gala in Toronto on Thursday night to receive the 'Windows Azure ISV Partner of the Year Award' in the Emerging Technologies and Innovation category. It was a star filled night for David and Jean as they were surrounded by Microsoft's top technology partners in Canada.

From the podium at the IMPACT Awards, David thanked those who helped us win the award:

“A big thank you goes out to Microsoft for creating the Windows Azure cloud platform that enabled us to create MediaValet, to the Microsoft teams in Canada and the US that have done such a tremendous job in supporting us over the past year, and to everyone at MediaValet and our parent company, VRX Studios, for all their hard work, dedication and commitment to MediaValet’s success.”

Here's a picture of David and Jean (sporting their Movember "staches") with Eric Gales, the President of Microsoft Canada, who was at the gala to personally congratulate the winners.

2011 Impact Awards Winners

MediaValet is Selected as one of three Finalists for Coveted Microsoft Award

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by the Mediavalet Team

2011 Impact Awards MediaValet, and its sister company VRX Studios, have been selected as one of three Finalists for the ‘Windows Azure Platform ISV Partner of the Year’ award in the ‘Emerging Technologies and Innovation Awards’ category of Microsoft’s 2011 IMPACT Awards.

The ninth annual IMPACT Awards recognize excellence within Microsoft’s partner community in Canada. The 2011 IMPACT Award finalists will be honoured at a gala event taking place on November 30th, 2011, in Toronto, ON.

How Entrepreneurs Can Benefit from the Cloud

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by the Mediavalet Team

Overdrive Our founder and CEO, David MacLaren, recently shared his cloud-computing experience with the 7,500 entrepreneurs, in 38 countries, that make up the global Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO). Writing for Overdrive, the official blog of EO, David shared his experience developing MediaValet on Microsoft’s Windows Azure cloud-platform.

David’s main point in the article: Cloud-computing not only saves entrepreneurs time and money, but provides further benefits including scalability, accessibility, security, faster time to market and a significant reduction in upfront capital expenditures.

GigaOM Covers Azure

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by the Mediavalet Team

Gigaom Barb Darrow, a contributing editor at the renowned technology publication, GigaOM, recently wrote an article about Microsoft’s Windows Azure and how Microsoft is fairing in the Cloud. She interviewed a number of industry experts including our founder and President, David MacLaren.

In speaking with Barb, David pointed out that we chose to build MediaValet on Microsoft’s Windows Azure cloud-platform because most of our parent company’s customers already have Windows expertise and that Azure enables us to ‘tap into’ Microsoft’s Content Delivery Network (CDN) as needed: “it takes two minutes to turn on CDN to light up 25 additional data centers around the world — all without calling (a company like) Akamai and telling them how we want it done.”

MediaValet is Feature by KMWorld

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by the Mediavalet Team

KMWorld MediaValet was featured by KMWorld, an online publication that covers the latest in Content, Document and Knowledge Management. The article, entitled "Digital Asset Management Supports a World of Rich Media", gives a brief overview of the digital asset management market, emphasizes the importance of metadata in facilitating search and gives an overview of the myriad benefits DAMS bring to organizations. The article also chronicles VRX's decision to use Microsoft's Azure platform to build their own flexible, massively scalable, globally accessible DAMS - MediaValet.

Please click here to access the full article.

MediaValet is Featured by the Windows Azure Blog

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by the Mediavalet Team

Baseline MediaValet was featured today in a story on Microsoft's Windows Azure blog, I've Built a Windows Azure Application...How should I Market it?, which focuses on strategic challenges that Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) face when transitioning from a traditional company model to a Software-as-a-Service model. The author, Yvonne Muench, a Group Manager in the Azure ISV Market Insights Group, reviews a number of key trends amongst those ISVs making the transition to a SaaS model, including organizational structure changes and adjustments to packaging and pricing. She provides great real life examples of these trends through a recap of her roundtable discussions with representatives of three ISVs at last month's Worldwide Partner Conference, including Markus Eilers, the CEO of runtime and pulsd, Arthur Berrill, VP Technology at DMTI Spatial and MediaValet's Founder and CEO, David MacLaren

Please click here to access the full article.

Microsoft's All-In...

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Reflections on WPC 2011 by David MacLaren, President & CEO

Talkin' Cloud

I’m back from WPC11, Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Conference , where I had the pleasure of presenting our cloud story as part of Kim Akers’ keynote presentation, “ISVs Leading the Shift to the Cloud”, and participating on a panel discussion about “Moving from a Software to a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model”. Both were great experiences and I thoroughly enjoyed meeting everyone from Microsoft and the attendees. Since being back, I’ve had a little time to digest the week’s myriad of announcements by Microsoft. For those of you, like me, who find major events are packed with so much news it’s hard to absorb anything, I thought I’d share my main take-away from WPC11.

Please click here to read the full post

MediaValet is Featured by Talkin' Cloud

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by the Mediavalet Team

Talkin' Cloud Today, MediaValet was featured on Talkin' Cloud, an online publication focused on cloud-computing. The article, "How a Media Company Cashed in on Windows Azure", focuses on how a business can be completely transformed by using the cloud, specifically Microsoft Azure. The article references our parent company, VRX Studios, and the challenges they faced finding a digital asset management solution that met their global needs. It chronicles VRX's decision to build MediaValet on the Microsoft Azure platform and uses MediaValet as an example of how cloud-based solutions allow companies to bring their solutions to market quickly and cost-effectively. Later this month, our CEO David MacLaren will be interviewed by Joe Panettieri, the author.

Stay tuned for more details, and click here to access the full article.

MediaValet Showcased at Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference 2011

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by the Mediavalet Team


MediaValet was one of three cloud applications showcased during Kim Akers' Value Keynote presentation at the 2011 Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference. David MacLaren, President and CEO of MediaValet and VRX Studios, was invited to join Kim on stage to share VRX Studios' Cloud story. He recounted the difficulty that the company had finding an existing digital asset management system, learning about Cloud-computing and how Windows Azure met their needs for a flexible, massively scalable digital asset management system. In addition, David joined top Independent Software Vendor (ISV) executives Monday afternoon as part of a roundtable discussion about "Moving from a Software to a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model".

Please click here for the full press release.

What's Driving the Shift to a Post-Virtualization Era?

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by the Mediavalet Team

The Toronto Star

Earlier this year, Satya Nadella, Microsoft's newly appointed President of Server and Tools (of which Windows Azure is a part), pronounced "the [tech] industry is moving towards a post-virtualization era." This past Wednesday, at the GigaOm Structure Conference, Nadella underscored the importance of the cloud and gave a brief overview of what he saw as the drivers towards the shift to post-virtualization. Please click here to access the article on

In a separate article, Nadella was recently asked "what's driving the shift to post-virtualization?", his response:

“First, the notion of a modern operating system is shifting from software running on a single, physical server, to software running across an entire datacenter of servers. Services traditionally managed by a machine – storage, networking, compute – are no longer bound to a particular machine. This notion of an “elastic” infrastructure can have significant business benefits for customers. Moreover, he says, the data itself is becoming a platform developers can build on that leads to a whole new set of innovative application scenarios.”

To read this entire article, from Microsoft's News Center, click here.

MediaValet™ Featured by

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by the MediaValet Team

Get in the Cloud
MediaValet™ was recently featured in the popular online news site The article, which focuses on the Microsoft Azure platform, uses MediaValet™ as a prime example of a business leveraging the power of Azure to its full potential to bring to market a world-class product with massive scalability and global reach. The article discusses VRX Studios' decision to create MediaValet™ to meet the needs of not only VRX Studios and its travel and hospitality customers, but ultimately all companies, large and small, no matter where they are located or how much content they need.

Click here to read the entire article on

Align IT Event Held in Vancouver, BC

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by the Mediavalet Team

AlignITTuesday, April 12

MediaValet™’s Founder and CEO participates in the Align IT Roundtable in Vancouver, BC.

David MacLaren, MediaValet™’s Founder and CEO, participated in the Align IT Roundtable in Vancouver, BC this past Tuesday. Align IT Vancouver, the last in a series of events held across Canada, was organized by Ruth Morton, Technology Platform Advisor at Microsoft Canada, and Damir Bersinic, Senior Platform Advisor at Microsoft Canada. The event was centered on how to effectively align business objectives with solid strategies for a flexible, cost-effective and secure IT environment – from the desktop to the cloud.

Please click here to read the full post

Microsoft Azure Named Fastest Cloud Service

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by the MediaValet Team

Information Week

Microsoft Azure, the cloud platform on which MediaValet is based, is named the fastest cloud based service by Information Week.

In a comparative measure of cloud service providers, Microsoft's Windows Azure has come out ahead. Azure offered the fastest response times to end users for a standard e-commerce application.

Please click here to read the entire article.

Moscow Joins the Esteemed Ranks of Microsoft’s Windows Azure CDN

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by the Mediavalet Team

GlobeMicrosoft announced today that they’ve added Moscow to their extensive network of nodes that make up the Windows Azure Content Delivery Network (CDN). Microsoft continues to show their commitment to expanding their CDN in support of the Windows Azure Cloud Platform as they continue to add physical nodes to their global CDN. In the fourth quarter of 2010, Microsoft added Seoul and Taipei, the 21st and 22nd nodes, with Moscow bringing the total number to 23 this month.

To see a list of all 23 nodes, click here.

Windows Azure Turns One Today

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by the Windows Azure Team

Windows AzureSince the Windows Azure platform became generally available one year ago, it has been adopted by customers across 41 countries who are creating new services and gaining greater efficiencies as they take their companies to the cloud. Among them, T-Mobile USA and Xerox have moved to the Windows Azure platform to address customer needs quickly with innovative solutions that are cost effective and reliable. You can read more about these customer stories and the one-year anniversary in a press release here. To learn about VRX Studios, MediaValet and other companies who have deployed the Windows Azure platform, click here.

Microsoft’s Windows Azure Team Interviews our CEO

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by the Mediavalet Team

Windows Azure Team Blog
As part of Microsoft’s Real World Windows Azure series, the Azure team spoke with our CEO, David MacLaren, about why VRX Studios chose to use the Windows Azure platform for MediaValet. To read what he had to say, click here.

Microsoft Publishes Case Study on VRX Studios and MediaValet: Global Photography Company Transforms Business with Scalable Cloud Solution

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by the Mediavalet Team

Microsoft Case StudyMicrosoft recently published a case study on VRX Studios and it’s recent transformation into a global SaaS DAMS provider as a result of launching the world’s first 100% cloud-based, enterprise class, digital asset management system. Read the full case study on Microsoft’s website or download the PDF copy.

Our CEO Guest Blogs on Microsoft's Windows Azure Blog

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by the Mediavalet Team

Windows Azure Team Blog
Our CEO, David MacLaren, was recently asked by Microsoft to share with the readers of the Windows Azure Blog, why we ultimately chose to develop MediaValet on the Windows Azure platform. Click here to read the full blog post.

What Canadian developers are building on Windows Azure

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by the Mediavalet Team

IT World Canada
On day two of Microsoft's PDC10, our CEO, David MacLaren, was interviewed by Kathleen Lau of IT World Canada for her article entitled “What Canadian Developers are Building on Windows Azure”. Kathleen wrote the article for ComputerWorld Canada.

Cloud Momentum Picking Up: Microsoft

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by the Mediavalet Team

E Channel Line
After our press conference with Microsoft Canada yesterday morning, Mark Cox of Daily Channel News’ eChannel Line was kind enough to mention us in his article, Cloud Momentum Picking Up: Microsoft. Here’s a link to the article: